The Application Programming Interface (API) is the most powerful currency.

The growth of the API economy has led to an explosion of innovation, with over 3000% growth of new apps being developed against APIs in the last three years.  Learn how the top companies worldwide are leveraging APIs to meet their development goals.

Messaging is the most popular use case for APIs

  • Advances in development tools and ecosystem access driving availability of APIs
  • Focus on customer experience and new digital business models driving use of APIs
  • Some estimate one million public APIs available by 2020i

Learn how top companies use APIs to quickly develop new  solutions.

  • Developer experience has grown in importance
  • Top-quartile companies created 4x more API products than organizations in the next quartile

Learn how the top companies worldwide are leveraging API's to meet their development goals:

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Digital Interconnect

What you'll learn from this OVUM API whitepaper:

SAP® Digital Interconnect

Largest and most reliable cloud messaging network powering over 1B messages per day

Reaches 99% of the world's mobile subscribers in almost every country

Connects to thousands of mobile operators directly across the globe


Most API projects are successful and easy to implement.

  • Growing to $2.2 trillion according to Ovum
  • Purchasing decisions driven by developers and technical managers, rather than central procurement offices