In times of crisis, people come first. 
We understand you need to keep employees safe and updated as remote work is our new reality.

During this time we’d like to offer the SAP People Connect 365 solution at no cost for a 30-day period. The solution allows companies to communicate with groups of people instantly by mobile phone. It is a cloud-based service that uses predefined business rules and keywords, dynamic risk monitoring, and automated processes and response tracking.

Key Features

Stay Up And Running, Even During Disruption

Extend your enterprise reach by engaging and interacting with your employees and other stakeholders across geographies and devices. SAP People Connect 365 is designed to help you deliver frictionless, 24x7
support that keeps your employees informed anytime, anywhere.

Digital Interconnect

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SAP People Connect 365

Ensure interconnected communications

Reach people and assets distributed globally using established rules and processes.

Minimize revenue and productivity loss

Streamline communication processes to improve response and reaction times, minimize slowdowns during major incidents.

Improve response speed to business disruptions

Connect efficiently using secure multichannel communications, intelligent workflows, and spam control – with no need for phone calls.

  • Reliable COVID-19 data feed integrated

  • Risk monitoring and alert feeds 

  • HR data integration, group management, and mobile number validation 

  • Cloud-based mobile notification services

  • Auto alert emergency notifications and multichannel capabilities

  • Simple and straightforward cloud deployment

Please note that the final free trial proposal and set up may vary in some regions.